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Totally Objects are building a collection of freeware add-ons for all styles of Smalltalk. If you have anything that you think may be suitable, please send e-mail to giving details of the item or enclosing a copy. You should ensure that there is suitable documentation available with the product and that the software is yours to offer.

When downloading any freeware, please respect the wishes of the provider in the use to which you put the software. Always read the readme file and note any restrictions. Under normal circumstances, the supplier will not take responsibility for any loss resulting from use of the software, whether in the use for which it was intended or otherwise. You have been warned!

If in doubt about the terms, conditions or restrictions contact the provider to check.

Lastly, we do not always get informed when the developer changes the software, carries out a bug fix, or even stops writing Smalltalk so these files are donwload from our system without any warranty by Totally Objects that they are fit for their purpose.

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