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SocketSet V 8.0

The Product

SocketSet is a set of classes and Parts that make the inclusion of some of the basic (?) operations involved with TCP/IP easier to manage. Generally, TCP/IP is a complex subject and the instructions here do not pretend to offer you a background class in its operation and usage. You should refer to one of the many text books available on the subject if you find the following confusing or hard to understand.

We have tried to expose, in a sensible fashion, most of the capabilities by wrappering them up to provide the most generally required operations; SMTP, POP3, FTP and TCP/IP and UDP servers and clients. However, as is the way with most Smalltalk software, there is much more that can be done with classes provided here.

SocketSet provides direct support for the following:

  • Socket to socket communication - common uses are for data transfer between hosts or for web page scraping

  • POP3 Mail

  • SMTP Mail

  • FTP Transfers

SocketSet is built upon the VA platform independent classes. I can, and has been, used for a variety of uses.

There are also provided a set of Visual Parts to speed up the process of using the facilities provided. The parts include:

  • Host
  • Socket Address
  • SMTP Socket Address
  • POP3 Socket Address
  • FTP Socket Address
  • SMTP Mail Message including secure log on
  • POP3 Mail Message including sending attachments and blind copies

SocketSet 8.0 is compatible with VisualAge for Smalltalk Version 4.0x.and upwards
No additional features are required for its operation.

For an example in the use of SocketSet in real time data provision, click here

View the SocketSet Manual (HTML)

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SocketSet 8.0
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SocketSet 8.0 
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SocketSet 8.0 Unlimited Developers 800.00   $1,296.00 *
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