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Did you ever wish that you could make your applications look like MS Outlook or IE5? It can be done but the difficult bit is always the flat effect tool bars - especially those nice buttons with the drop down menu attached. Well now it is possible - more than possible - EASY! 

TOolBar is a collection of widgets from Totally Objects that helps you build flat Windows-like toolbars. Its features include:

  • static or moveable toolbars within a 'docking area'
  • dynamic 3D look as the mouse moves over the buttons
  • each button can have an icon (CgIcon or Pixmap) and text
  • icons can change as the mouse moves over the buttons
  • button text can be shown on multiple lines
  • text can be to the right or below the icons
  • three types of button: push, menu and combination (combination buttons have a push button and a 'v' to activate a drop-down)
  • mnemonics
  • disabled buttons have a engraved look
  • cross-platform
  • examples

This product does not have a parts interface. However, it comes with an example showing how the toolbars can be integrated with views built with parts.

As used in the latest version of VA Smalltalk V8.0

TOolbar comes with complete source code and works with VisualAge for Smalltalk version 4.5 and upwards.
TOolbar has not been tested on operating systems other than Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP and we are unable to assist in using this product on other operating systems

View the TOolBar Manual (HTML)

Download TOolBar

Totally Objects freeware products come with full source code and have no run-time licence requirements.
They may be distributed with your own code without payment.

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