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New Freeware
October 2015 - Newly released free from commercial terms.
Registry Acccess the Windows Registry using the Smalltalk Dictionary format.
TOScript A Smalltalk Interpreter that let's you run ST code within a running executable..

Readability Source code formatter and documentation assistant.
TORest Regular Expressions in VisualAge for Smalltalk includes FREE Boolean tools
Tenacity Our Object Oriented Database. Store your objects in persistent Smalltalk collections with fast proxied retrieval.
TOolBar Always wanted an MS Explorer flat style toolbar with drop down menus on the buttons - well here is one. (As seen in VA Smalltalk V8.0) (Windows Only)
When downloading and installing any of our Freeware, please be sure to read the attached Readme.txt and the accompanying HTML instructions before installing the product.

Please note that Totally Objects reserves the right to remove these items from its freeware category and to charge for future releases should it so determine.

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