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  Visibility Color - with Turtle Graphics

Features a full set of scripting commands and settings plus full print preview and Portrait/Landscape in the same print run

Whilst VisualAge for Smalltalk includes a report writer, there are many things that it cannot do. Visibility Color is designed to be a development tool for printed output. Visibility Color provides a framework that gives you an object interface to the printed page. The following is a list of the currently supported objects:

  • Text (single line or word wrapped into a space of any size, font style,  color and justification including decimal.
    Text may be rotated at any angle required
  • Line - of any width and color including dashed lines and lines with arrow heads
  • Circle - of any radius and color - filled or open
  • Ellipse - of any radii and color - filled or open
  • Rectangle - of any size  and color - filled or open
  • 3D rectangle - of any size  and color - filled or open
  • Shadowed rectangle  - of any size  and color - filled or open
  • Images - scaled and stretched to fit including all supported VA image formats


  • Provides for the simple creation of a page using the above objects
  • Provides a common collection of objects that are repeated on each page
  • Provides full page numbering
  • Allows for both portrait and landscape pages in a single print run
  • Provides for full scaled page preview through either a standard widget or through a Parts interface.


  • Simplifies the interface with the Printer to effectively a script process
  • Automates much of the page layout such as line heights for text etc.
  • Provides word wrapping into defined text areas to simplify the layout
  • Enables a full page preview with dynamic scaling of the view with little effort
  • Gives your users a single print run even when they have landscape and portrait pages in the same document.


Please note these will be shortly incorporated into one manual.

View the Visibility Color Manual (HTML) Part 1

View the Visibility Color Manual (PDF)

Totally Objects products come with full source code and have no run-time licence requirements.
Once purchased, they may be distributed with your own code without further payment.

Price Band Price* US$ Equivalent 

Visibility 8.0 1 - 2 Developers


  $81.00 *
Visibility 8.0 3 - 5 Developers 100.00   $162.00 *
Visibility 8.0 Unlimited Developers 250.00   $405.00 *
Annual Support per user




Prices are by bands, e.g. if you have 4 developers, you pay 100.00  
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1 Annual support provides for an unlimited number of problem reports (by e-mail only), all bug fix releases and all new versions (TotallyObjects do not guarantee that there will be any functional upgrades during the support period covered. However, it is our intention to make at least one additional functional version release per year.)

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