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As well as supplying our range of VAST frameworks, we also provide consultant programming. We have a range of specialist skills which have proved to be of use to international companies. These skills include:

  • Secure Communications
  • Web Connection 
  • Complex GUI design and implementation

Projects that we have been involved in include:

The following is a short list of the type of projects that Totally Objects has been involved in.

  • Conversion of Call Centre Software from VAST 3.0 - OS/2 to VAST 6.0.2 - Windows XP
  • Remote secure access to central systems for an Emergency Claims system in the Insurance industry
  • Specialist web based enquiry and reporting systems for the Insurance industry
  • Web based Résumé upload and retrieval system for on line maintenance and distribution for Recruitment.
  • Development of a specialist fees recording system for the UK Legal market

Specific skills available include

  • nearly 20 years total experience in Smalltalk - VSE and VAST
  • over 5 years experience of developing web based servers using Smalltalk
  • over 8 years experience of developing remote secure systems - including custom transmission protocols for ST objects
  • over 20 years experience of high volume, mission critical banking trading systems ( + 20 years trading experience)


There are two ways that our skills have been utilised to date:

  1. Specific project tasks to short time scales - we do the things you don't know or don't want to know how to do.
  2. Complete project tasks from developing the requirement through to delivering and supporting the final code.

We provide our services either on a fixed price contract or on a per-diem basis, depending on the size of the project. We tend to quote per-diem for the smaller contracts that require 'on/off' involvement. We are normally able to quote a fixed price for most projects if you so prefer.

For more details on our consultancy services and the skills we can offer you, please contact

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