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Reliable Frameworks For VA Smalltalk 8.6x

Totally Objects are pleased to announce that all of their current frameworks are VA Smalltalk 8.0 compatible!

Totally Objects has carried out a review of its commercial frameworks and has made some changes.

  • Some more Frameworks have been removed from our commercially licensed list and have been made Freeware. See New Freeware

  • The commercial terms of the remaining Frameworks have been amended to make them easier to understand and to license.
    The current list of commercial frameworks consists of:
    * Visibility
    * SocketSet
    See HERE for more details

Free News Group access to all Smalltalk related Usenet Groups
courtesy of Giganews - Here's how

Although we specialise in providing frameworks for VA Smalltalk, we do carry an extensive list of freeware for VA Smalltalk, VisualWorks and VisualSmalltalk. In addition, check out the access we provide to all of the Usenet newsgroups of interest to the well read Smalltalker. Browse through the site.
If you are interested in Smalltalk then you will find something to interest you!

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