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When sending us this latest version, James R. Wason says:

"Here is a self extracting zip file that includes support for both VisualAge 5.0 and 4.5. The user manual has been updated with installation instructions for 5.0. This package includes some enhancements to business factor table support in both versions. Also, fixes to a few problems reported in the 4.5 version have been included (these are some packaging problems, and a problem with bft prompts)."

His original description of the package was:

'The attached is the Smalltalk version of the Enterprise Application Development Platform, which I would like to post on TotallyObjects. Users can contact me for more information by sending a note to'

The file called eadp455.exe (1734KB) is self extracting zip file containing the user manual and code.

EADP runs with the Object Extender feature of VisualAge Smalltalk 4.5 and adds many features needed to create a complete business application.

  • Complex Object Support . This allow you to define "complex object relationships" such as order to line item or item to bill of material. These can be modelled within Object Extender as "ruler to subobject" relationships. EADP then provides complete support for presentation and update of the complex object.
  • Cascaded complex object actions (copy and delete, and promote under version control).
  • Automatic provision of focal data on subobject lists The uniform handling of external names for database tables and columns Support for data elements with discrete values (Business Factor Tables support).
  • Platform independent help. This includes the ability to bring up a panel with the help facility in "learn mode" so that the help can be defined as it is accessed.
  • Version control support (for the application data, not the code).
  • Enhanced Web Connection support (including Web reporting, Web help, fast path, and tabular and mass update capabilities)
  • Business logic support (this lets you define verifications and the associated error messages)
  • Batch interface support (for both incoming and outgoing batch update files)
  • Support for normalized (quick view), computed and summary fields (this includes QuickOpen and Prompt capabilities for the normalized data).
  • Restoration of several features lost in Object Extender. This includes the ability to use an ad hoc query to select only part of a database, and complete support for quick form and quick html (including containers and html tables).

Download it  NOW!

Please note that VisualAge Smalltalk 5.0 and the Object Extender feature are pre-requisites for this package.

Written and supplied by
James R. Wason
Senior Technical Staff Member
IBM Sterling Forest

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