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Joe writes:

"I have just completed an article for The VisualAge Magazine on how to extend the public interface in VisualAge Smalltalk. I am keen to get the code available on the web and although VisualAge magazine have a web site ( they do not have ftp capability. I asked if they would mind if I asked you to put the code on your site and reference it for download and they are fine about it.

I have attached the code ( two manager files v3mgr.dat and v4mgr.dat ) zipped up in a single file. I'm not sure what issue of the magazine the article will go in.

The compostion editor in VisualAge works by making connections between parts. When working with prebuilt parts, e.g. text boxes or object factories, it is not possible to add to the supplied public interface without either subclassing or creating an edition of the supplied class. The code here shows how to extend the public interface of a part by creating application extensions in Envy and specializing the relevant methods. The code is for version 3.0 and also version 4.0 which offers a superior implementation."

Our thanks are extended to Joe for letting us include this on our site.

For any further information, contact Joe directly - Joe Winchester

Download the code (53K)

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