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Marten's Old Stuff

The following is the information supplied by Marten Feldtmann regarding the software provided.

Thanks to Marten for supplying these.

Here's some public domain software for VisualSmalltalk - some of my
old stuff. Actually not tested if it runs today - but hope so ...

ExhancedBrowser from Eric (which he only produced for the Windows platform) - I converted it to run under OS/2. (needs WBPro 3.1.2, perhaps SubPane)

Tools (under OS/2 and Windows) to help to do external API calls - included is the TEAM/V repository

Package to interface the CrystalReports 5.0 (even 6.0 seems to work). Not finished - but it works in many parts. Included as Team/V repository.

Different random generators. Included as Team/V repository.

That's it ...


Download Marten's Old Stuff

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