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Totally Objects are building a collection of freeware add-ons for all styles of Smalltalk. 

This is available from for Totally Objects supplied items and for that supplied by others.

However, we have a small number of items that are not Smalltalk but are useful to the Smalltalk community.

General Utility Freeware

Icon Mover


This is a small utility that enables bitmaps to be inserted into a variety of file types. At Totally Objects we use it to add an icon to any executables we create with VAST. This enables us to replace the generic IBM VAST icon with our own product specific one.

We have had this utility for some years and have tried on a few occasions to track down the author to no avail.

Written by Bob Hanson. Supplied by Totally Objects

If Bob (or any one who knows him) does see this posting - please contact - thank you.

Download Icon Mover (324k zip)

Icon Mover requires VBRUN300.DLL which is included within the above Zip file. For a download (99k) without VBRUN300.DLL, click here.

Please note that Totally Objects does not warrant that this product is fit for use and can take no responsibility for its use. 

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