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Totally Objects has been providing a free access news server for Smalltalk and Object related newsgroups for some years now For those of you that use our server, the following is mostly for information only.

Giganews - - took over management of the news server some years ago. They have set the server up so that it does not remove older messages. This means that every message since June 2003 is still held on the group.


Just point your newsgroup reader at No username or password is required.

Current Statistics (September 2009)

comp.lang.smalltalk - 19,837
comp.lang.smalltalk.advocacy - 1,084
comp.lang.smalltalk.dolphin - 15,806
comp.object - 56,664 - 12,034 - 1,418 

For more information on GigaNews check out GigaNews Usenet Newsgroups

Totally Objects would like to thank Giganews for their generous offer.

Should you wish to propose any further newsgroups or should you find any probems with the service from Giganews, please contact me - - in all circumstances. Please note that all newsgroups hosted must be either Smalltalk or Object related. Totally Objects decision on the provision of a newsgroup is final.


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