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IBM has recently made the following announcement:

Effective April 30, 2006, IBM will withdraw service for IBM VisualAgeŽ Smalltalk Enterprise V6 (5724-B83).

IBM is providing a VisualAge Smalltalk Transition Strategy and Roadmap.

a.. VisualAge Smalltalk transition strategy and modernization roadmap
defined to facilitate transition
b.. Support extensions available through IBM Global Services ITS to buffer
transition impact
c.. Bridge to follow-on and replacement technologies, and products to
become On Demand business
d.. Leverage IBM-enabled business partner community for transition
offerings and solutions
Effective end of service date: April 30, 2006

Exciting News
The following press release was placed in the Smalltalk newsgroups today

Instantiations to Take Lead on Smalltalk

VisualAge Smalltalk Technology Transitions to Instantiations Under New
Instantiations to Deliver New VA Smalltalk 7.0 Product in Third Quarter.

PORTLAND, Ore. - April 27, 2005 -Instantiations, Inc., a leading provider of
advanced software development solutions, announced today that it has formed
a new relationship with IBM under which Instantiations assumes
responsibility for ongoing development of the VisualAgeŽ Smalltalk
technology base. Instantiations will develop, market and support a new
VisualAge-compatible version of Smalltalk called VA SmalltalkT. Initially,
Instantiations plans to enhance the VisualAge Smalltalk technology with many
improvements including a modern user interface provided by its VA Assist
product, new controls, and a preview of new "Migration Readiness"
capabilities from Synchrony Systems' Software Modernization Technology -
SMT. Longer range technical plans are under development.

The new agreement is a part of the larger IBM Smalltalk Transition Strategy
and Roadmap that ensures the business needs and requirements of existing
VisualAge Smalltalk customers continue to be satisfied.

"IBM is pleased to provide VisualAge Smalltalk customers with an option to
continue exploiting and receiving business value from their investments in
Smalltalk technology," said Yvonne M. Perkins, Vice President Enterprise
Platform Software, IBM Software. "This is part of IBM's VisualAge Smalltalk
Transition Strategy and Roadmap which enable customers to evolve their
critical Smalltalk-based systems, in an incremental and staged fashion,
towards standards-based, service-oriented architectures which characterize
the successful, competitive On Demand enterprises of the new millennium."

"We've used Instantiations Smalltalk products for years and are delighted
that IBM has partnered with them to carry Smalltalk forward," said Ronald D.
Painter, chief scientist, CACI, Inc. "VA Smalltalk will allow our simulation
developments including JWARS (Joint Warfare System) to continue without

"We are honored that IBM has chosen Instantiations to take a leadership role
in evolving Smalltalk," said Instantiations' Eric Clayberg, Sr. Vice
President and Smalltalk Business Unit General Manager. "We recognize that
there are many customers who require a modern development environment and
long term support for their business critical Smalltalk based applications.
Many of IBM's existing Smalltalk customers are also Instantiations'
customers, so this new relationship should be a very smooth transition for

Pricing and Availability

VA Smalltalk 7.0 will be available in the third quarter of this year.
Customers who wish to move to VA Smalltalk more quickly may participate in
Instantiations' Early Availability Program. The price per developer for a
new license of VA Smalltalk will be $6,995 and includes one year of support,
maintenance, and new releases. IBM customers with current VisualAge
Smalltalk support agreements can "upgrade" to Instantiations' VA Smalltalk
Version 7.0 for $1,495. Customers who own unsupported copies of any
VisualAge Smalltalk product can upgrade to VA Smalltalk for $1,995. Upgrades
from competitive Smalltalk products will also be available for $1,995. For
additional information and pricing please contact our sales department at
(800) 808-3737 or by email at More information can
be found on the company's web site at

About Instantiations

Instantiations, Inc. provides leading edge software products, services and
technologies for Java and Smalltalk. Through our industry partnership with
IBM, Instantiations offers professional development environments and
software products that integrate seamlessly with the latest development
platforms. Instantiations is a member of the Eclipse Foundation and offers a
line of products for Eclipse, IBM RationalŽ and WebSphereŽ Studio. Based in
Portland, Ore., Instantiations was founded in 1997 by a team of
internationally recognized pioneers in the field of component software
technology. Instantiations can be reached at (800) 808-3737. More
information may be found at

# # #

VA Smalltalk is a trademark of Instantiations, Inc. VisualAge, WebSphere and
Rational are registered trademarks of IBM Corporation. SMT is a trademark of
Synchrony Systems. Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems. All other
trademarks are the properties of their respective companies.

Media Contact:
Mark Johnson
Instantiations, Inc.


We are currently in discussion with Instantiations with regard to supplying licences and providing upgrades to existing customers.

Please contact David Pennington for more details

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