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A source code formatter.

When installed, it appears in the Transcript Tools Menu and provides the following capabilities:

Profile Manager 

Create your own format profiles. Specific areas of customisation include method layout, block selector style, assignment styles, and font/color format choices such as bold, italic and colour assignments. Each format option has an example method provided to show the effect of the format. You can add methods to the list so that it is tailored to your needs.

Reformat Source

You can  apply a profile to an Application, a Class or a Single Method. The source in the target will be re-formatted to match the profile choices made.

File Out Source

You can file out an Application, a Class or a Single Method using a chosen profile. The output can be in straight ASCII, in RTF or HTML. In addition, you can choose to output the source with just the method names and the first comment in the method - a useful documentation tool. You can choose a different profile for the file out to that selected for your own source re-format, if you wish.

Readability is suitable for all platforms.

View the Readability Manual (HTML)

Download Readability

Readability is compatible with all versions of Smalltalk from 5.5 up to V 8.0

Totally Objects freeware products come with full source code and have no run-time licence requirements.
They may be distributed with your own code without payment.

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