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"I have "Socket Set" and "Visibility Color". In general I find Visibility to be easier to use and gives me more control over the resulting printed page than the Report feature of VAST. I use Socket Set even more than Visibility. I have used it for email and both server and client side TCP/IP and UDP/IP communications. I really like being able to treat sockets as streams. It is a very natural way to work with them. Socket set, stream server classes make building simple server programs very easy."

Louis LaBrunda - Keystone Software Corp.

"It almost takes a new version of VAST to realize how important the products from TotallyObjects are to our success. That's because some of them, like Readability, the TOolBar, Registry and the Visibility Reporter are always in use. We wouldn't consider working in VAST without them.

Visibility is an integral part of our ability to deliver solutions to ANI. Not only do we routinely use Visibility for special reporting needs, we have several report frameworks that are built on top of Visibility. We recently moved over 60 reports that had been written in Crystal into a business report framework based on Visibility. The conversion was quick, the reports run faster, and we have complete control since it's all Smalltalk. Last year we finished a Visibility based engineering reporting system that replaces reports written in two different programming languages and graph pages that were previously produced in spreadsheets and third-party graphing programs."

Daniel Antion
Director, Information Services
American Nuclear Insurers.

"Visibility has allowed us to move to a 100% Smalltalk based reporting framework. In the past we've used Access or Crystal Reports to do our final output. With Visibility, and our in-house reporting framework, we've eliminated the need for these external tools. We find our reporting process much easier to handle. We use the Socket Set tool in our stand-alone software agent for FTP client access, as a socket server, and for email access. Registry is used by our application to hold user settings and preferences."

Bob Nemec
Northwater Objects

"Totally Object's Socket Set gave us the reliability we needed to implement TCP/IP based HL/7 interfaces to connect to hospital information systems. It took care of the details of socket programming and allowed us to focus on our interface exclusively. We highly recommend it."

Jeff Odell
VP of Development
Esprit Health, LLC.


TotallyObjects' consulting services are some of the best I have ever encountered. As a small shop, we often run into things we don't have the time or expertise to do ourselves. What makes working with TotallyObjects so easy is how well their work fits in with our own. They work hard to understand the requirements and to design the right solution. They deliver on time, on budget and with consistent high quality. I spent 6 years working for large consulting firms. We judged success by how often you were invited back to a client for additional work. ANI has been going back to TotallyObjects for three years running, and I don't see a reason to quit!

When we needed a critical communication framework for our Emergency Claims System, we evaluated several solutions, and selected TotallyObjects' SocketSet product. The decision to outsource the development of image-to-image object transfer to them as well, followed naturally. The work had to be of the highest quality, the choice was easy.

Daniel Antion
Director, Information Services
American Nuclear Insurers.


The Smalltalk (particularly the VAST) community owes a tremendous amount to the people of TotallyObjetcs. From hosting newsgroups answering questions to providing access to freeware, including TotallyObjects developed parts like FolderPrompter and their System Tray parts for VAST, these people are making it easier for all of us to work in the language we love.

Daniel Antion
Director, Information Services
American Nuclear Insurers.

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