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Regular Expressions Parser

TORest provides tools to enable developers and application end-users to use the power of Regular Expressions (also known as regex) to do complex text pattern matching and processing. Regular expressions are most commonly associated with tools such as grep and programming languages such as Perl. Totally Objects have combined the Regular Expression functionality from these and other tools making a powerful Regular Expression toolset for VA  Smalltalk. The parser and engine can be configured to behave similarly to your favourite flavour of Regular Expression.

The parts of a regex give an indication as to which characters in a test string should or should not match. For example, the regex h[eau]llo will match a character sequence in a test string starting with 'h' followed by an 'e', 'a' or 'u' followed by the sequence 'llo'. So if we try to match using the test string 'A big hallo to you' we will have a match as shown: 'A big hallo to you'.

TORest is compatible with all versions of Smalltalk from 5.5 up to V 8.0

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Totally Objects freeware products come with full source code and have no run-time licence requirements.
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