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Tenacity OODB

Tenacity - The quality of -‘Retaining what is held; Firmness of hold or purpose; Persistence; Retentiveness ’
Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.
Tenacity is a persistent object database add on for VA Smalltalk. It provides a simple means of transforming any object within memory into its persistent equivalent.   A Tenacity database consists of a single root directory which contains a range of dictionaries, or other Collection type objects, containing persistent objects. This mechanism permits simple or complex database structures to be built using standard Smalltalk code. In fact, Tenacity requires very few specialised methods for its operation. Almost every action is carried out largely with standard Smalltalk.


  • Smalltalk code interface
  • The use of proxies within complex objects to reduce disk access thus everything that isn't a Smalltalk primitive will only be retrieved from disk when needed
  • Caching of objects once accessed - again to reduce disk access to improve performance
  • Database slicing across multiple partitions and disks to improve performance and increase capacity
  • Transactional support to ensure data integrity under multiple access

Tenacity is not intended to replace the heavyweight OODBMS available but is a quick and easy way to add an object database to your software to provide a sophisticated persistent storage model. It is available in two versions:

  1. A single user database intended to be distributed with VAST applications that are used in a stand alone mode
  2. A multi-user database 

View the Tenacity Manual (HTML)

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