Totally Objects - Application Prerequisites (Version 5.5 [1.0])


This simple utility from Totally Objects for IBM's VisualAge for Smalltalk is a replacement for the 'Prerequisites' window available from the Organizer.


This Totally Objects product has been packaged as a single application. To import it into your library select 'Browse Application Editions' from the 'Tools' menu of the 'System Transcript'. In the 'Application Editions Browser' select 'Import...' from the 'Names' menu and select the file tobap5-5_1-0-*.dat. You should then select the application within this file.

To load the application into your image select it in the ''Application Editions Browser', select the latest version and then select 'Load' from the 'Editions' menu.


Once this product is installed the new 'Prerequisites' window will open instead of the original when selecting 'Prerequisites' from the 'Applications' menu in the Organizer.

The window lists the prequisite and dependent applications of the application selected in the Organizer. If any of these listed applications are double-clicked, then the Organizer changes its selection to it and therefore updates the Prerequisites window. In this way the prerequisite/dependency tree can be traversed.

Further Information