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How does it work?

One of the favorite requests we receive is 'I am a consultant and need to understand software BEFORE I recommend it to the client. How can I do this with your frameworks?' We have, therefore, been agreeing a series of ad-hoc agreements that enable Consultants to familiarise themselves with the various Totally Objects frameworks on a reasonable cost basis. It is time to offer this arrangement to the world at large. Totally Objects now offers a "Consultant's Pack" for an amazing 195.00

What does it contain?

A single seat/site licence for every one of our current frameworks. It is not currently possible to order individual items from the price list

Any special conditions?

The software can only be used to evaluate and understand the individual frameworks we offer. It cannot be used for any paid work, whether carried out on the consultant's premises or at the client. This means that, at the time the software is needed for a commercial purpose, either the consultant or the client MUST purchase full licences to cover the project needs; i.e. reference needs to be made to the individual licences on each product as some are licenced by the seat and some by the site.

How much is the discount?

Well, it is a whopping 70% reduction in the price of all the various frameworks added together. You will save a massive 455.00 ($836) over buying these items individually.

How do I order?

Send an e-mail to and we will send you the appropriate literature.


List price Consultant's Pack Price
This is what you pay!
Visibility Color/Reporter - Site Licence 100.00 ($184) 30.00 ($55) 70.00 ($129)
Tenacity Single User Site Licence 100.00 ($184) 30.00 ($55) 70.00 ($129)
Registry - 1st Licence 50.00 ($92) 15.00 ($28) 35.00 ($65)
Readability - Site Licence 100.00 ($184) 30.00 ($55) 70.00 ($129)
TOolBar - Site Licence 50.00 ($92) 15.00 ($28) 35.00 ($65)
TORest - Site Licence 50.00 ($92) 15.00 ($28) 35.00 ($65)
SocketSet - Site Licence 100.00 ($184) 30.00 ($55) 70.00 ($129)
TOScript - Site Licence 100.00 ($184) 30.00 ($55) 70.00 ($129)
Total 650.00 ($1196) 195.00 ($360) 455.00 ($836)
Consultant's Pack


* $330.00*

Plus shipping if physical delivery required. US$ prices are converted at the current exchange rate (1.84). Your credit card will be charged in UK pounds. Your credit card will be charged in your local currency at an exchange rate set by the credit card company. This rate will depend upon the prevailing exchange rate between your local currency and pounds sterling on or soon after the date that the credit card company receives the charge.

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