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Some Smalltalk dialects let you package the compiler in standalone applications. This can be useful in applications that require methods and classes to be created dynamically by end users. Although many of us do not work on applications with such requirement, there are still times when it would be useful to be able execute arbitrary Smalltalk source-code that has not been written until after our applications have been deployed. Unfortunately the standard licence agreement from IBM and Instantiations up until version 8.6 does not let you package the compiler.

This product bypasses some of the restrictions of this dialect and enables your standalone images to execute Smalltalk source-code by interpreting it. Although it does not let you create classes and methods in your standalone application, it does enable you to:

  • customize applications for individual customers without rebuilding the executable
  • provide 3rd parties with the ability to customize your applications without giving them an image that can be modified within the development environment
  • put scripts into databases

This product is easy to use. The methods for evaluating the Smalltalk source-code expect a String (containing source-code - like the body of a method) a 'self' object and any number of named 'argument' objects.

This product also contains a free extra feature that enables you to restrict that source-code that may be interpreted by using integrity preserving cryptographic hashes. (Requires AbtMD5AlgorithmApp which is shipped with the VAST Web Connect feature).

For an example of the use of TOScript in the provision of dynamic web content, click here. 

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Totally Objects products come with full source code and have no run-time licence requirements.
Once purchased, they may be distributed within your own code to provide
the stated product service without further payment.

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