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Class Text Finder

Provided by Runar Jordahl 

Runar says "Class Text Finder for VisualAge Smalltalk Enterprise allows you to search methods for occurrences of a specified search string. By default, all subclasses of Object are searched. You might limit the number of classes searched by specifying another top class, or specifying a "Class Name Match Pattern". The search is performed as a background process and you might continue using the development environment while the search is running.

When the application is loaded, Class Text Finder is added to the "Tools" 
menu of the Transcript window.

Found methods are displayed in a standard method browser.
The application is developed and tested using VisualAge Smalltalk Enterprise 
version 5.5.2 and 6.0 for Windows. It is designed to be platform portable."

Runar has not placed any restriction on the use of the Class Text Finder.

Note that this application requires VisualAge extensions in addition to IBM Smalltalk.

Download Class Text Finder (45k zip)

Windows Calendar Common Control Wrapper
Supplied by Normand Mongeau.

Normand says "this part is a calendar part that uses the native Windows calendar common control".

The part includes an option for multiple selections of days. It can also show the week number alongside. The results are returned in the 'items' instance variable.

This part is for VAST running under Windows 9x, 2000, XP, only.

Normand has placed no restrictions on use.

Download the Calendar Part (58k zip)

OLE Wrapper for Spell Checking through MS Word
Supplied by Jim Wong - Logical Answers Inc.

Jim says " I've included the dat file and a text file to test spellcheck for those who only use pure smalltalk and not the app builder classes".

Jim has placed no restrictions on use

Download the Spell Check Wrapper (227k zip)

OLE Wrapper for interaction with MS Outlook
Supplied by Jim Wong - Logical Answers Inc.

Jim says " Here is a set of zipped files that allows access Outlook using OLE Wrappers for the rest of the Smalltalkers if you would put it on your Freeware page. There are no restrictions as with the MS Word wrapper. Thanks..."

Download the Outlook Wrapper (389k zip)

The Exorcist

Niall Ross says "This is a VAST utility whose config map is called 'TheExorcist', written by Rolf K Wilms. I suspect Rolf once had a page in but I can't find it now. The Exorcist works in VAST 6.0 and 5.5 and probably in many other versions. It traces reference paths from an instance.
On loading the config map, there will be a menu entry in the Transcript Tools menu as Reference chain for..."

 - Minor upgrade of TheExorcist: it now avoids finding an inspector or weak reference path (i.e. instead of the one the user is probably looking for).

Originally written by written by Rolf K Wilms. Supplied by Niall Ross.

If Rolf (or any one who knows him) does see this posting - please contact - thank you.

Download The Exorcist (16k zip)

Code Explorer
Provided by Volker Zink 

Volker says "I wrote a little tool for VA Smalltalk which should run with versions 5.0 and 5.5.
I called it CodeExplorer (see the attachment) and want to publish it. Although I included
the source code, I don't regard it be totally freeware. Its free to use for private purpose.

For a short description take a look at the included documentation.


What is the CodeExplorer?

The CodeExplorer in its first version is a smart tool for VA Smalltalk developer, which makes it easier to keep the overview of the code they write/maintain and which helps also to access often needed code. The main concept is that of a CodeBookmark. A CodeBookmark is a reference to a method, a class or an application. The CodeExplorer manages CodeBookmarks. Thus it organizes them in a hierarchical list, the CodeBookmark-list. There are CodeBookmarks generated by the developer and there are CodeBookmarks generated by the CodeExplorer which point to special code parts like Breakpoints or open class editions.

The CodeExplorer does not only manages CodeBookmarks, it also serves as a central starting point, from where you start all the different Smalltalk tools (hierarchy browser, application manager, config maps browser, ...). If the Smalltalk tools are started this way, they will present the wanted information (the method, the config map, ...) directly without another mouseclick.

Please contact Volker directly for any commercial usage of this tool.

Download this part

Workspace Organiser
Provided by cibsbui

cibsbui says "I would like to submit my VisualAge Smalltalk freeware -- "Workspace Organizer". This part is free to use privately or commercially. However, I cannot guarantee that it will work on every platform. I will be glad to help anyone fix problems though.

It has been in use for more than 1 1/2 years now at my client site. We primarily use VAST55 on WinNT but I have also tested it on VAST45,50,55 and 551. It seems to be working ok.

Not only would my fellow Smalltalkers find this tool extremely useful during everyday development, but, it will be useful for non-Smalltalkers too (QA,BA etc) to load development code to test problem tickets etc.

I welcome feedback/comments/suggestions from you."

Download this part

Centering Widget
Provided by Dennis Debro

CenterWidget is a AbtShellView that centers itself on the screen if opened by the default widget API (i.e. #openWidget, #openApplicationModalWidget, etc) or centers itself on another AbtShellView using the new API (i.e. #openWidgetCenteringOn:, #openApplicationModalWidgetCenteringOn:, etc). I have seen some messages in the newsgroup about centering widgets and thought I'd upload this to you. 

This part is free to use commercially or privately.  Dennis does ask that if you do use or enhance the part to please e-mail him to let him know you are using it.

Download this part

Replacement .exe to provide a better splash screen
VisualAge Smalltalk
Provided by James Foster

James writes:
'To try this out, rename the provided splash.exe (same as abt.exe or nodialog.exe) to your application name (e.g., myapp.exe), place a bitmap with the same primary name (e.g., myapp.bmp) next to the executable, and launch the executable. This will display your splash screen.'

Currently, James has placed no restrictions on the use of this .exe.

Download this part

Enterprise Application Development Platform
VisualAge Smalltalk 4.5
Written and supplied by James R. Wason of IBM Sterling Forest

James R. Wason says:
'EADP runs with the Object Extender feature of VisualAge Smalltalk 4.5 and adds many features needed to create a complete business application.'

At this time, you are free to incorporate this software within your VA image and use as required. However, IBM reserve the right to charge for this product at some future time.

More information and Download this extension

AbtContainerDetailsView Column Boolean Editor
VisualAge Smalltalk 4.5


Provided by Greg Hutchinson

Greg writes:
'The Container Details View (AbtContainerDetailsView) is a frequently used control for displaying lists of objects. Unfortunately some of the common Smalltalk objects (Boolean in particular) are a little cumbersome to edit using the supplied converters or edit polices. The AttColumnBooleanEditor is any easy to use part that displays Boolean data as a Toggle Button in a Container Column. Included is a small 'Edit' application that shows this parts use.'

This part is free to use privately or commercially.

Download this part

ObjectExtender Extensions for Microsoft Access
VisualAge Smalltalk 4.5 (requires the ObjectExtender feature)
Provided by George F. Santamarina

George works with Chris Muller and Monty Kamath, both of whom provide other VA add-ons (see below). George says about his ObjectExtender Extensions:

The ObjectExtender framework for VA 4.5 can persist objects on relational databases such as DB/2 and Oracle but not MSAccess. This is a pity since most people at home don't have DB/2 or Oracle. However, with these slight modifications to the framework, one can finally persist objects on MSAccess !

The problem is not with the framework but with MSAccess. As usual, Micro$oft decided it needed to stray from the standard DDL (data definition language) generation for relational databases. Fortunately, it only required some minor mods to be able to generate the DDL on MSAccess correctly.

The modifications are freeware. I am making these modifications available so others can try out VA 4.5's ObjectExtender framework and, hopefully, more folks will end up using Smalltalk :)

Note: You can always uninstall the modifications if you needed to :)

Download this new extension

Free Progressor Framework for VisualAge Smalltalk 4.0
Provided by Chris Muller.

Chris works with Monty Kamath, who makes the browser enhancements, and actually had some input into them. Monty uses Chris's Progressor Framework for the function which searches the ENVY library for a class not loaded in the image. Since it can take a few minutes, he liked the frameworks non-intrusive way of allowing him to report progress on the search.

However, the Progressor Framework may be used by anyone, for any progress monitoring needs. It is much more than just a progress bar widget, it is an entire framework that supplies several hooks for developers needing more specialized reporting.

Chris worked on this for about six months and it has been reviewed by three Smalltalk experts (who provided great feedback, that's why it took six months!). The code is very well factored.

Chris is offering this free to the Smalltalk community. However, he makes no statement regarding the platforms that it runs one. If you have any queries on this score, please contact Chris directly.

Download this new framework

Patrick Ma's Timer Part
Patrick originally placed this on the WRAD Forum on Compuserve and has recently given permission for it to be updated for 4.0 and placed here. He says about it: 'This is a non-visual part for VisualAge for Smalltalk. It functions in a  similar manner to the AbtTimer part that comes with the sample apps, but it uses the Delay class and Process so that while the timer is runing, it doesn't drive the CPU load off the roof.'

Written and supplied by Patrick Ma
partsSolution, Inc.
IBM Certified VisualAge for Smalltalk Developer

Conversion from VA 3.0 t0 4.0 by Totally Objects.
If you find any problems with the 4.0 implementation,
please contact us first before Patrick.

Download the part

Revised Enhanced Debugger - VA 4.0  

Download the code for Joe's article in
'The VisualAge Magazine'

Joe Winchester writes:
When debugging code that contains source within blocks, e.g.

Dictionary new at: 1 ifAbsentPut: [ Date today ]

to reach the code within the block requires pressing into for the at: ifAbsentPut: and digging around the relevent value or value: message that evaluates the block. Likewise returning back to the method after Date today has been sent requires traversing back through the method internals of dictionary code. What we wanted to do was build functionality into a new button ( which is labelled through ) that would treat source within blocks no differently to any other message send. This functionality already occurrs with some messages that the Compiler inlines for efficiency (e.g. Boolean>>>#ifTrue: or Integer>>#to:do:).

When debugging it is possible to use the through button completely instead of over if you wish to see the result of every message execution from within your message. The button is most useful when debugging a complex message such as System>>#showBusyCursorWhile: or Block>>#when:do: when all you want to do is continue debugging your code without being sidetracked by following your code's path within the implementation of these other methods. Also collection iteration methods are nicely debugged with the through button which walks around each iteration of the loop method without exposing the method internals of the iteration method.

Joe's latest comments (5th April 1998) are as follows:

I also have a refresh to the code for the EnhancedDebugger.  OTI introduced a new subclass of compiled method called EsCompactMethod which was causing problems.  This fixes that and also works with VisualAge 4.2.  It includes the Version 3.0 in the single dat file.

Written and supplied by Joe Winchester and Mark Jones

Download the Enhanced Debugger

Container Details Column Edit Policy- VA 3.0
Joe Winchester writes:
The supplied part AbtContainerDetailsColumn only allows the user to edit the contents with a text box. This zip file contains a new class JrwContainerDetailsColumnWithEditPolicy with a settings page that lets the developer specify an edit policy of either text, combo or toggle button. When combo is specified an attribute of items will appear on the column allowing the developer to specify a collection of the items. The new container details column works within the VisualAge converter framework for each of the edit policies. For VA 3.0.

Written and supplied by Joe Winchester

Download the Edit Policy Addition VA 3.0

Download the Edit Policy Addition VA 4.0

Icon DLL Viewer
Greg Hutchinson writes:
The file is an application that has no prerequisites other than the base VA applications.
Once loaded, the application allows a user to view all the existing icons in a dll that have integer Id's.

Written and supplied by Greg Hutchinson

Download the Icon DLL Viewer

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