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Latest changes to the site.
When Description Link
27/06/05 Bumper Stickers are Back! Bumper Stickers
25/6/05 Smalltalk Solutions 2005 Special Offer SS2005
31/05/03 VAST Passport Advantage Licences available once more VAST Sales
27/4/03 New VAST Freeware - Class text Finder VisualAge Freeware
27/4/03 New VAST Freeware - Windows Calendar Common Control Wrapper VisualAge Freeware
11/02/03 New VAST Freeware - OLE Wrapper for interaction with MS Outlook VisualAge Freeware
9/02/03 New VAST Freeware - OLE Wrapper for Spell Checking through MS Word VisualAge Freeware
9/02/03 Change to VAST Freeware - New version of The Exorcist VisualAge Freeware
25/7/02 New VAST Freeware - Joseph Pelrine's ENVY Tools ENVY Freeware
24/7/02 Latest Release  SocketSet V 6.0 [1.0.1] Update SocketSet
22/7/02 New Text Widget Hyperlink example added to Totally Objects freeware Totally Objects Freeware
23/5/02 Icon Mover added to Miscellaneous Freeware Misc. Freeware
23/5/02 New Miscellaneous Freeware Page added Misc. Freeware
23/5/02 The Exorcist added to VAST Freeware VisualAge Freeware
16/5/02 Visibility Turtle Graphics announced Turtle Graphics
18/4/02 Date and Time Editor added to TO Freeware Date and Time Editor 
17/4/02 VAST Training added to site VAST Training Courses 
17/4/02 TORest added to site TORest 
17/4/02 New Totally Objects Freeware added Totally Objects Freeware
17/4/02 New VisualAge Freeware added VisualAge Freeware
17/4/02 Site Redesign  

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